Friday, May 4, 2007

New website

This website has been replaced. Visit our new website at:

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Our Goals

We call for transit designed for the people who use it:

-We call for rider input in all fare or service changes with a rider-appointed representative whose input is to be allowed at all county meetings regarding service changes.

-We call for an immediate fare freeze combined with the reintroduction of student fares.

-We call for an immediate dedicated public tax funding source for the transit system, one that could generate enough funding to reverse former service cuts and allow for system expansion.

-We call for a replacement of the current farebox system with an electronic or "smart" fare system that allows the rider to choose what kind of fare they wish to buy, for example monthly and daily pass options.

-We call for a return and expansion of cross-town express bus service along city streets.

-We call for the purchase of quieter, more comfortable buses to gradually replace the current fleet. All bus purchases should include rider input and consider rider comfort along with efficiency.

-We call for an expansion of night service along some routes until at least past bar closing time, if not 24 hours. Milwaukee does not close down at 1:00am and neither should its bus system.

-We call for an expansion of regular, quick transit service to suburban areas with an emphasis on connecting bus riders to areas of shopping and employment in the surrounding counties as well as in southern Milwaukee County.